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Custom Videos

Fetish Custom Videos & Audio

Custom Videos

I do not currently offer custom videos.

Custom Audio Clips

My custom audio files have a base price of $30 per clip. Payment is via ManyVids custom form only. You provide me with a script of up to 1000 words – this must be word for word what you want me to say. This will end up being around 10-15 minutes of audio. I aim for delivery within 2 weeks, though it may be slightly longer depending on my current workload. Please email me your script before paying.

All content produced remains ©Miss Ivy Storm, all rights reserved. Custom videos and audio are for personal download and viewing only. You may not upload purchased content to other sites or otherwise share it without permission.


< 1000 Word Script: $30
< 2000 Word Script: $50
Exclusivity: +100% of Final Price

2000 words is my current limit, though I may be willing to go over that for a considerable tip. 🤷‍♀️

How to Buy

Click here for the order form.

Sample of my Voice

Contact me at or via Twitter DM to discuss.

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