Why do I need to pay to talk to you?

Why Do I Need to Pay to Talk to Sex Workers/Dommes?

What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is why camgirls/content creators/porn stars/dommes either charge a fee to chat, or don’t chat to people who don’t otherwise support them financially. There are so many reasons, and I’d like to cover just a few of them in this post.

LOTS of People Talk To Us

Sex workers get a LOT of messages on social media. And I mean a LOT. And the more followers they have, the more messages they get. Some of those messages are from people who will pay us. Most of them are from people who won’t. Who do you think we will prioritise? Which messages will give us a good feeling? Which people do you think we will want to talk to? That’s right – the ones that show that they value our time. The amount of messages are often such that if we messaged everyone back all of the time, it would be literally ALL that we did.

If you think it’s just the people on your platform messaging us, though, think again. Twitter, Instagram, PornHub, ManyVids, Snapchat, etc. We have inboxes in all of these places – inboxes that we dread wading into, wondering what hell surely awaits us. Is it five hundred messages saying ‘hi’? A hundred and one damn dick pics? Who knows. Send us money and we will be more willing to wade into that hell for you.

It Takes Us Away From Our Work

A lot of people who message sex workers seem to be under the strange delusion that we just sit at home all day, with all of the time in the world to answer messages. Not so. Just because we do porn, or camming, or internet domming, does not mean that we don’t have real lives. We have hobbies, families, some have other jobs, some have kids. We also have to sleep (duh). When we aren’t occupied with all of these things, there is our actual work to take into account.

For me, personally, I could be doing any of these things at any given time: Camming, working on video scripts, setting up to film, actually filming, editing, creating previews, writing descriptions, uploading videos to different clip sites (I upload each video I film at least 9 times to various sites in various formats and sizes), marketing, working on my websites, search engine optimisation. Then I have to eat, sleep, and live my real life. Usually, when I’m on my MacBook or my work iPhone, I’m doing something that is relevant to work, be it uploading clips somewhere or writing up a blog. If someone is messaging me, and they’re not a regular customer, and the message doesn’t come with money attached… Well… Whatever I’m working on takes priority.

It’s Not As Fun For Us

You may immensely enjoy the idea of chatting dirty to a hot porn star or an alluring internet dominatrix. But do you think that they get that same level of kick out of talking to you? Chances are you’re just a stranger she knows nothing about, and you likely don’t even have a photo of your face on your profile. I may shatter a few dreams here, but chatting to completely random, faceless online men about their fetishes doesn’t make most women wet.

Do you wanna know how to make online women wet and get them to want to talk to you?

Pay them. Tip them. Buy their content.

It’s that simple.

Miss Ivy Storm

I am Miss Ivy Storm, your friendly neighbourhood size queen. I'm an English, strap-on wielding cuckoldress. You may address me as Miss or Mistress. I have experience with many different kinks, both online and off, but you may say that my primary interests are in strap-on play, cuckolding, SPH and bisexual encouragement/humiliation.

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