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Suck Big Dick, Beta Boy FPOV

Suck Big Dick, Beta Boy FPOV At the start of the video I explain that the beta male urge to suck cock doesn’t come from their sexuality – it comes from the realisation that they are inferior to alpha males, and from wanting to show respect to the superior men in the world. In the […]

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Bisexual Encouragement Blog Coerced Bi Cuckold Cum Eating Instructions (CEI) Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) Strap On

My Top 5 Fetishes

My Top 5 Fetishes #5 – Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) My introduction to the SPH fetish was, funnily enough, thanks to a guy who doesn’t actually have a small penis at all. His fetish revolved around being told how big other guys dicks were compared to his, and how inferior he was as a result. […]

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Bisexual Encouragement Clip Announcements Cum Eating Instructions (CEI)

Faggot Training: Wife Finds Your Online Mistress CEI

Faggot Training 1: Wife Finds Your Online Mistress CEI We need to talk – I know the secrets you have been keeping from me. I found your bank statements. You’ve been buying ‘Cum Eating Instructions’ porn and sending all of our money to some random woman – an online “Mistress”, who is training you how […]

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