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My Top 5 Fetishes

My Top 5 Fetishes

#5 – Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

My introduction to the SPH fetish was, funnily enough, thanks to a guy who doesn’t actually have a small penis at all. His fetish revolved around being told how big other guys dicks were compared to his, and how inferior he was as a result. Despite the fact he wasn’t at all small, I entered the industry fairly prepared to cater to the SPH fetish, and my first video (Size Queen Girlfriend Apologetic SPH JOI) was very popular. The fetish also ties in well with the cuckolding fetish, so I’ve had a lot of fun and success with that content too.

I have spent months humiliating tiny cocks through my content and on private cam shows, but it was only recently that I humiliated a guy with a real tiny cock. Funnily enough, I didn’t even feel mean. He loved it. I laughed at his tiny dick and told him that the reason he fucks only men is because he knows that his cock would never be enough for a real woman. Ha ha ha. More SPH content is definitely one to look forward to from me.

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#4 – Coerced Bi/Bisexual Humiliation

As with many women, watching guys ‘make out’ – or more – has always been a huge turn on for me. I was always the girl in my teens who would giggle and convince my guy friends to make out with each other for my benefit – and I quite often managed! In fact, the night I met my most recent ex (my longest relationship), I managed to use the fact that he was totally into me to convince him and his best friend to come to a gay nightclub with me and play ‘Gay Chicken’. They ended up making out to impress me. The best friend had a girlfriend, too!

I’ve been involved in MMF threesomes with 3 different pairs of guys, so I’ve seen some things and played a part in making it happen. I’ve convinced guys to make out and suck each other’s cocks. I haven’t seen a man getting fucked by another man – yet – but it’s something that I am excited to make happen.

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#3 – Cuckolding

Cuckolding is probably the fetish in here that I have the most experience with, even though I was only introduced to it relatively recently. I am a very sexual person – my sex drive has been generally unmatched by all of my sexual partners – so I remain non-monogamous. Cuckolding – by my experience and definition – is when a man get turns on by his wife or partner having sex with other men, be this with him present or otherwise. It is quite common for the ‘cuckold’ to enjoy the feeling of humiliation that his partner is cheating on him, particularly if the man involved (the ‘bull’) has a larger cock. SPH can often play a big part of this fetish, but obviously that isn’t always the case.

I engaged in the fetish a lot even before I joined the industry, and my confidence with the subject is how it has ended up becoming one of my main focuses in clip creation. I was introduced to it by one of my partners in response to the fact that I was non-monogamous and fucked other guys. He enjoyed the fetish, and it also helped him be okay with me fucking other people. In the past, I’ve gone to other guys houses to get fucked by their bigger cocks, and then go straight to his house to get fucked by him whilst I told him all about how much bigger the guys dick was and how he fucked me so much harder and better than he ever could, all the while he could still feel the fact that I had just been fucked by a bigger cock than his.

I have plans to take the cuckolding to the next level, by visiting swingers clubs and fucking whoever I want to, whilst he either watches, or stays at home, caged and humiliated and so turned on at the thought of what I am doing.

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#2 – Cum Eating Instructions

This is the only one of the listed fetishes that I haven’t actually engaged in in real life, but it is the fetish that I am currently most excited to try out – and I will probably be doing so within the next few weeks. It was something that I didn’t really become aware of until I joined the industry, and even then it wasn’t something that immediately appealed to me.

I ended up becoming involved in the fetish by having an online sub who was into the fetish. I ended up teasing him so much that he ended up sneaking away into the bathroom, with his assistant in the other room, to jerk off and eat his cum for me. He sent me a video too. This incident was probably solely responsible for my sudden increase of interest in the fantasy, and even after we parted ways, it took a little while before I stopped fantasising about ordering him to get on his knees, jerk off for me, and eat his own cum. Well, it took until I found another little bi bitch willing to eat his cum for me – and this one I actually know in real life. Within 8 hours of him finding out I was a Domme, he was already eating his own cum for me. I find that such a turn on.

All of my experiences of making someone eat their cum have been online so far, but it remains to be one of the things that I think about a lot. In fact, I actually have a scene planned out that I am very much looking forward to engaging in – my boyfriend’s roommate, on his knees, sucking my cock and jerking himself off whilst I tell him how small his dick is. The fantasy ends in him cumming into my palm, and me grabbing his hair with one hand and then forcing the cum into his mouth with the other.

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#1 – Strap On Play

I was introduced to strap-on play quite early in life, in my mid-teens. My first love told me that he was into the idea, and it didn’t take long before he bought a strap-on for us to play with. He enjoyed it immensely, though it all ended a bit badly when his brother found his strap on and waved it around in front of his mum and her friend, calling him a faggot. Yeah. That was awkward. The guy I dated after him also requested that I fucked him, though I never managed to work out whether he actually wanted it, or whether he just wanted to be as ‘fun’ and ‘adventurous’ as my ex, because he was vanilla in basically every other way!

After that I took a long break from strap-on play until I met an online sub in 2018 on NSFW Twitter, who got me back into the idea. I started making clips for him, and noticed that they just happened to sell well, and that I just really, really enjoyed making them, so I carried on! This all got me back into the idea of strap-on play and pegging, and just the other day, I fucked a guy for the first time in 10 years. I managed to make him cum, too, just from the penetration, so I mustn’t have lost my touch!

I hope that, in the near future, he will be ready to make some actual pegging videos, so I look forward to that! Keep checking back to see when it becomes available!

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Miss Ivy Storm

I am Miss Ivy Storm, your friendly neighbourhood size queen. I'm an English, strap-on wielding cuckoldress. You may address me as Miss or Mistress. I have experience with many different kinks, both online and off, but you may say that my primary interests are in strap-on play, cuckolding, SPH and bisexual encouragement/humiliation.

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