Clip Announcements Femdom JOI Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Brat Girl Rejects You Fleshlight JOI SPH

Fleshlight JOI SPH

Brat Girl Rejects You Fleshlight JOI SPH

You have a crush on me, the popular girl at school, and when I invite you to my house, you must think you have a chance with me. But I actually invited you over to talk about some rumours going around the school about you – people are saying that you have a really, really tiny cock, but I don’t like to believe rumours without seeing proof for myself, so I demand that you get your cock out so I can see it.

I laugh at you, telling you how tiny and pathetic it is. I know that you’re secretly into me – there’s no way that I’d ever fuck a loser like you, especially not when your dick is that tiny. But I didn’t just bring you over here to laugh at you. I wanted to help you. When I heard about your tiny cock, I felt sorry for you, because no self respecting woman would ever fuck someone with a dick that small. So I wanted to give you some advice.

I show you a fleshlight, and tell you about it, and how it’s good for losers like you who will have a sexless existence. I instruct you to jerk your tiny cock off with the fleshlight, whilst I play with my pussy, taunting you about how you’ll never have a real pussy, because no woman will ever want to fuck a cock that small.

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Miss Ivy Storm

I am Miss Ivy Storm, your friendly neighbourhood size queen. I'm an English, strap-on wielding cuckoldress. You may address me as Miss or Mistress. I have experience with many different kinks, both online and off, but you may say that my primary interests are in strap-on play, cuckolding, SPH and bisexual encouragement/humiliation.

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