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My Boyfriend’s Big Dick Interview

My Boyfriend’s Big Dick Interview

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews I will be doing on my blog! This interview is with my boyfriend, the guy who you see in most of my b/g clips. He has a beautiful, big cock which is one of the main features of my cuckolding clips! You can find the videos on ManyVids, Clips4Sale, IWantClips and ModelHub.

How big are you? Length and girth!

About 7.5” long and 5.2” (circumference) thick.

When did you realise you were big?

It took me a while. I developed fairly early so I have been the same size as I am now for a long time, but my first partners had very little experience with other cocks so they didn’t give me the kind of reaction that you might expect a big dick to get. And of course as everyone reading this knows, Ivy is a total size queen and has made it very clear that she enjoys how big I am from the very start.

What ‘Big Dick Problems’ have you encountered?

Larger condoms are a pain to find sometimes. People will try to tell you they are one-size-fits-all because they stretch, but if you try to pack too much meat into them you’re just not going to have a good time. It’s also definitely possible to be “too big” for some girls, as I’ve learned more than once.

On the other side of the coin, what’s the best thing about having a big dick?

The best thing is having a woman scream, squirt or cum all over my cock. Knowing that I’m filling her up and stretching her out and she is loving it is just the best kind of feeling. Having people admire my dick in the videos and pics we publish is a great bonus too!

Are you a grower or a shower?

Can I be both? I wouldn’t really know. I guess I do grow quite a bit but my soft size is supposedly already fairly big.

Does it boost your ego to know you have a bigger than average cock?

Yes! It’s a lot of fun to know that I’m able to give women (or guys) an experience which they might not have had before.

How would you feel if you woke up one day and your dick was small?

I don’t think I’d enjoy it. Size matters, and I’m too used to doing things I can only do with a bigger dick, like filming porn, and pleasing Ivy.

What if someone paid you $1,000,000 to trade your big dick for a small one? Would you do it?

Nope. The money would be nice, but the fun I get to have with my cock means it probably wouldn’t be worth it. You can’t put a price on those experiences.

If you could choose to change your cock size, length and girth, would you make it bigger/thicker? Smaller?

Bigger is always better so yes definitely. I think 8.5” long and about 6.5” thick sounds like it would be about perfect.

What would you say to anyone reading that has a small cock?

Don’t worry too much! Being small doesn’t mean you can’t have a great loving relationship with someone. But you should definitely discuss things with any partners you might have. Size definitely matters, and with a smaller cock they will be missing out on the full experience of sex. Being in a relationship means making sure your partner is always satisfied, and if you aren’t able to do that yourself then it’s your responsibility to make sure they know you’re okay with them finding bigger cocks to have sex with.

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