Becoming an Author

Becoming an Author

One of my lifelong dreams has always been to become an author, no matter how far-fetched or unrealistic it may have seemed at points. Writing fiction has always been a favourite hobby of mine, and I always wanted to make a career from it, even if that seemed like a difficult dream to achieve.

I did not realise when I became involved in the online world of femdom and clip-making, exactly how much writing it was going to entail, not to mention the part where I actually have to come up with fantasies, storylines and scenarios for those clips. Writing up the scenarios and rough scripts for the videos is, to me, one of the most enjoyable things about clip creation. I enjoy filming too, of course, but realising that my career does actually involve a fair bit of writing does bring great joy to me. The fact that I get to write about things that I enjoy so much, and bring joy (or, you know, humiliation) to others, is incredible for me.

I don’t stop at just clips either. I publish erotica, too, and have even more fun with those stories by turning them into eBooks. I currently have several eBooks up for sale on IWantClips. The subjects I’ve covered include female domination, strap ons, cum eating instructions (CEI), and taboo roleplay. I’m happy to say that I truly enjoyed writing every single one of them, and that I can’t wait to write more.


Miss Ivy Storm

I am Miss Ivy Storm, your friendly neighbourhood size queen. I'm an English, strap-on wielding cuckoldress. You may address me as Miss or Mistress. I have experience with many different kinks, both online and off, but you may say that my primary interests are in strap-on play, cuckolding, SPH and bisexual encouragement/humiliation.

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