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Audio: Ultimate Denial

Ultimate Denial

Audio: Ultimate Denial

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We need to talk. We’ve been married for a while now, and you have been waiting for us to have sex. You need to know that it is never going to happen. We are great as a couple, but I have never had any interest in you sexually. I need lots of sex. And I have sex all the time… with other men. I need alpha men with big cocks to satisfy me. And that’s not you.

I will keep fucking other men, as much as I like, whenever I like. My sex life is going be fantastic. It will certainly be more interesting than yours. Your sex life will be your hand. Your only sexual relief will come from masturbation, and you will only masturbate when I give you permission. You’re going to have to learn to take pleasure in my pleasure, to earn your sexual relief by showing your devotion to me. I will tell you about my exciting sex life, how I enjoy sucking cock, getting fucked in my pussy and ass, and sprayed and filled with warm sperm from real men – men with big cocks who know how to please a Goddess. I will sometimes let you watch me get fucked.

You want to cum? Then there’s something I want you to do first. I want you to drop your trousers, whilst I slide this huge dildo into your ass. You are not a man who fucks women, you are a cuckold who serves and pleases and gets fucked. From now on, I will make you lick my pussy clean every time another man has filled it with sperm. See, you will get to taste and worship my pussy – Isn’t that what you have dreamed of? I might not only let you watch me fuck other men. I could also let you suck their cocks. Would you like that? Now, I want you to wank your cock with my panties whilst I slide this dildo in and out of your ass, and tell you how you’re going to be my little clean up cuck.

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Miss Ivy Storm

I am Miss Ivy Storm, your friendly neighbourhood size queen. I'm an English, strap-on wielding cuckoldress. You may address me as Miss or Mistress. I have experience with many different kinks, both online and off, but you may say that my primary interests are in strap-on play, cuckolding, SPH and bisexual encouragement/humiliation.

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