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5 Reasons I Love Clips4Sale


5 Reasons I Love Clips4Sale

Clips4Sale is steadily becoming one of my favourite clip sites. There are so many things to love about it, and I wanted to share my top 5. If you are a model reading this, and are unsure about whether or not to join Clips4Sale, I hope that these reasons will convince you! Click here to visit my studio!

Fetish Friendly

Whilst videos and entire categories are being removed and censored on other websites, this isn’t something I’ve encountered yet with Clips4Sale. They seem to be the most fetish-friendly website out there, which is a huge benefit to someone who has made clips such as ‘Faggot Training’. If you are a fetish content creator, you should definitely get yourself on Clips4Sale if you aren’t already on.

They have a huge list of categories (and I mean HUGE!) so if you make niche content, you can almost guarantee that there will be a place for it on Clips4Sale!

The Staff Are Amazing

I’ve only been on Clips4Sale for four months, and in that time, I have been so impressed by the staff and how willing they are to help you and promote you. In that short space of time, I have been promoted in their blog with a New Studio Interview, advertised in their featured studio section and even been published in Xbiz magazine (June 2019 issue, page 60!)

The Producer Support is second-to-none. They have a phone number where you can call them for help, submit support requests, message them on Twitter, and they even have a live support chat option, which I have used personally several times and would recommend!

Put simply, I have never experienced support like this on any other clip or cam site! I am so grateful to the staff and all that they do for content creators. It’s one of the reasons why Clips4Sale is probably my favourite clip site.

Stats Tab

The stats tab. Oh my, the stats tab. The hours I could spend reading and analysing and searching through this landmine of information. Here, you can find out which categories people are visiting you from, find out which websites are working for advertising, and even what people have been typing into search engines that resulted in them finding the link to your store.

I love it! I love the stats tab so much. I wish all clip sites had them! I find it particularly interesting to see how many times people have found my store through Google searches (it is more than I expected, and increasing all of the time!)

Another little bonus is that you can add your Clips4Sale store to Google Analytics, which gives you even more information to analyse. It even lets you see in real time whether people are currently browsing your store, and what country they are in!

Good Organic Traffic

This is the big reason why I regret not signing up to Clips4Sale sooner! I have spent so much time advertising and marketing my videos on other websites, but Clips4Sale, the video sales just seem to roll in, regardless of whether you’re doing any external promoting (it is, of course, a good idea to carry on promoting!)

I made so many sales in my first month that I really, really wish I had signed up sooner. So if you’re reading this, and thinking about signing up, just do it! Don’t waste time thinking about it!

Store Customisability

Now this is an interesting one – the ability to customise your store with HTML! You can change font colours, add images and backgrounds. It reminds me of my Neopets days back in the ’90s!

It’s an option that I haven’t seen on any other clipsites, and it really allows you to make your store your own and give your potential customers an idea of what your personality and content is like. Personally I like to have buttons at the top of my page that links to my content by category! It’s also a good place to show off a photo or two of yourself.


I’ve only been on Clips4Sale for about 4 months at the time of writing this blog post. I spent months considering joining, and I really, really wish I had just done it sooner. If you’re a model, especially if you film fetish content, and are considering joining Clips4Sale, I highly recommend it!

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