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Is My Penis Small? 10 Signs You Have A Small Cock

Is My Penis Small?

Is My Penis Small? 10 Signs You Have A Small Cock

You’re Scared People Will See It

It probably all started in the showers in high school, trying to face away from all of the other boys so that they couldn’t see how small you were, scared that they would see and laugh at you. That carried into using the most secluded urinal, or even going as far as using a toilet stall so that others won’t see your tiny cock. You probably struggle in swimming or gym changing rooms, hiding your dick by facing away from everyone, or avoiding places that don’t have locking changing rooms. You’ve spent your life planning ways to hide your small penis from other people.

Other Men’s Flaccid Cocks are Bigger Than You Fully Erect

Following on from the last point, whilst you were hiding your own cock in communal situations, you’ve probably taken a peek at other men’s dicks, haven’t you? You know, just to compare… And I bet what you saw shocked you, and made you feel embarrassed. Most of the guys you see have bigger flaccid cocks than you when you’re erect. Imagine how big they’d be when they were fully hard? You probably shouldn’t think about that for too long, otherwise you’ll have to start jerking off…

Regular Condoms Don’t Fit

The words ‘Snug Fit’ ‘Slim Fit’ and ‘Trim’ are all too familiar to you, due to having searched the internet and pharmacies for condoms that will actually fit you. Maybe you’ve even had to order custom fit condoms, or you can’t find any that fit at all. You’ve probably had condoms slip off during sex because you just don’t have the girth to keep it on. You’ve mastered the art of opening condoms without letting the person you’re with see the packet, that feels like it may as well be lit up with a neon sign that says ‘MY DICK IS TOO SMALL FOR NORMAL CONDOMS!’

You Could Use Your Wedding Ring as a Cock Ring

Okay, so you might have to be *really* small for this one to apply. Imagine if your fingers were girthier than your cock? Hahaha. I want to know if there’s anyone out there who can do this. If you can fit your wedding round around your dick, I want to see a photo. Email me or message me on Twitter with a photo of you using your wedding ring as a cock ring!

You Use Your Fingers to Jerk Off, Instead of Your Hand

I bet you were confused when you first watched porn, and saw those porn stars with big cocks jerking off with their entire hand – maybe they were even big enough to jerk off with two hands. You’ve never been able to do that, have you? You just have to use a few fingers to masturbate, because your dick isn’t big enough to wrap your entire hand around it.

Women Never Have Good Reactions

If you’ve ever actually had any sexual experience, you’ve probably not had many good reactions to your size. Women never smile or act surprised when they see it – maybe they don’t react at all, try not to laugh, or actually not be able to stop themselves laughing at your little dick. It’s probably what you think about when you jerk off, too, isn’t it? That girl who couldn’t help but giggle a little bit when she saw your dick for the first time? It might have been years ago, but it’s still making you hard thinking about it now, isn’t it?

You’ve Been Rejected Due To Your Size

Admit it, I know it’s happened to you at least once. A woman you’re really into, is really into you too. She’s giving you all the signs that she is desperate for you to get that cock out of your jeans and fuck her with it. Only, when you do, she is visibly shocked, maybe she even laughs. Suddenly she doesn’t seem to want you as much. Maybe she just jerked you off out of pity, or maybe she even rejected you entirely. She’s probably the reason why the thought of pretty girls rejecting you turns you on so much.

Cocks in Porn are Always Bigger

Watching porn may have been the first time you started to wonder if your dick was smaller than average. Yes, yes, guys in porn tend to have big dicks, but it’s not JUST the guys with big dicks, is it? They’re ALL bigger than you. You probably just spend your time watching porn wondering what it would be like to be able to fuck a woman like that, imagining that your dick was big enough to be able to make a woman scream, cum and squirt. Then you’ll just go back to your SPH porn, because you need to be reminded that it’s not possible for your cock to satisfy a woman like that!

You’ve Tried To Make It Bigger

I’m willing to bet the term ‘How To Increase Penis Size’ has graced your Google search history more than just a few times. You’ve tried to make it bigger, probably starting with one of those dick pumps that promises you extra inches. Maybe you’ve tried penis enlargement pills, or even considered more drastic measures. None of it has helped though, has it? Now you’re trying to resign yourself to life with a small penis. It’s okay, jerking off to SPH porn will probably do more for you than those pills ever did anyway!

Your Wife/Girlfriend is Never Satisfied

Your wife is never satisfied after sex, is she? Maybe she lies to protect your feelings, or maybe she doesn’t hide the fact that she has to pull her vibrator out to finish the job after you’re done humping her with your tiny clit. Does she look forward to sex with you? Has your tiny dick ever made her cum? (Fake orgasms don’t count!) Maybe you should just give up trying, and resign yourself to the cuckold lifestyle, so that she can get fucked by big cocks, the way she deserves!

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