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What I Look For in a Sub

The most important thing to me is getting to know a sub first. One of my favourite things to do is really getting into someone’s head and then turning them into desperate, horny mess, and making them addicted to me. So naturally getting to know someone is a vital part in this process.

The thing that I want most from my subs is having someone to run clip ideas by, so that I can get opinions from someone who is in that market demographic, or seeing if they have any suggestions on how to improve on the idea. As a result of this, I often end up releasing videos that are very closely catered to my subs specific fetishes.

What I’m Like as a Domme

I’m not the ‘meanest’ Domme by nature, I can certainly be mean during humiliation sessions but other than that, I generally have a chatty friendship with subs. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t give other D/s relationships a try, but it’s just not my go-to.

I set tasks, mainly for my own enjoyment. If you get off on/don’t mind me posting photo evidence of these to my social media, even better.

I do like to chat a lot to subs when I am available to do so, but I am also a very busy person, and I hate neediness/clinginess. People demanding or begging for my attention is such a turn off. I will say that Amazon GC is the best way to get my attention, though.

Whilst I am not new to the fetishes I engage in, I am still relatively new to domming online, so know that I am still on a learning curve and that I do things my own way.

My Fetishes

There’s a reason that I focus on the fetishes that I do in my clips – these are my own fetishes, that I engaged in in real life, and they are a turn on for me. This includes cuckolding, strap-on play, bisexual encouragement/humiliation, SPH, CEI. I am less experienced, but still happy to engage in foot fetish, sissification, chastity, intox fantasies. I am happy to learn about new fetishes, and actively enjoy doing so, so don’t think that if you don’t see your fetish listed here or anywhere in my clips, that I won’t cater to it. I am also highly into the idea of CNC strap-on fantasies and it’s something I’m happy to discuss, but the topic of CNC is usually banned from all clip sites so it’s not something I can make content about.

What I Require From A Sub

Supporting me and showing me that you value my time is vital. I don’t really have a set ‘initial tribute’ as such, but some form of initial support is necessary, be that a tribute, buying a few clips, sending an Amazon Gift Voucher etc.

This would then be followed by regular support, by way of tribute, buying clips, subscribing to OnlyFans, buying custom audio, sending Amazon GC, or purchasing from my wishlist. A smaller weekly, or larger monthly tribute would be preferable for me. I’m not the most financially demanding Domme, and I don’t demand money. I won’t chase you.

If you’re on Twitter, retweeting my posts is always appreciated, particularly ones with photos/videos attached, and my clip advertisements.

If you would like to fill in my sub application form, tip $6 on ManyVids or send a £5 Amazon UK gift voucher to

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